Customer Reviews

Customer Review 1

Thanks to CDA. They have proved to be professionals and just responsive and honest people who were permanently assisting me in all the matters associated with the purchase and registration of title deed.

Yuri B., Omsk

Customer Review 2

The cooperation has left a very good impression. In the course of document preparation the necessary assistance was rendered. We still keep in touch. They are always available for providing consultation and support on a wide list of questions.

Vyacheslav V., Nicosia

Customer Review 3

From the first personal meeting cordial relations developed with Alexander (Company Director). I got to trust him right away, started to pay attention to the advice that was given taking into consideration my interests and wishes. I felt the sincerity. I can apply on any matter and my request will never remain unanswered. I recommend to all my friends.

Nina G., Moscow

Customer Review 4

I liked – A) Large range of offers. B) Competence of company employees. C) Interest in a Customer and a sincere desire to please him/her.

Sergey J., Moscow

Question 5

Please, advise if there are any requirements to an investor related to living in the country prior to obtaining citizenship.

There are no requirements.