Question 5

Please, advise if there are any requirements to an investor related to living in the country prior to obtaining citizenship.

There are no requirements.

Question 4

Is an investor required to reside in Cyprus after he/she has obtained citizenship in order to retain it?

No, you are not required to reside in Cyprus in order to retain your citizenship.

Question 3

What tax burdens are imposed on an investor after obtaining Cypriot citizenship? Will the investor be required to pay taxes on income obtained from sources located abroad?

Upon obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus no new or additional tax liabilities arise for the investor unless the investor opts to become a Cyprus tax resident, i.e. to spend 183 days in Cyprus (or more days than in any other jurisdiction). Cyprus tax residents who are NOT DOMICILED in Cyprus, that means they have not been Cyprus tax residents for 17 years out of last 20, by the July 16, 2015 tax legislation will now NOT BE SUBJECT to taxes on dividends, rental income and bank deposit interest on a worldwide income and income generated in Cyprus. This is indeed revolutionary!

Question 2

Whether the government bonds as an option of investing is available?

Yes, affordable investments in the bond are €500.000

Question 1

In case where the applicant is involved in a single group, whether the whole group invests collectively?

Collective investment scheme has been canceled. There is no need to become a member